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Battlecry of Freedom

Battlecry of Freedom

by Ngakma Nor’dzin


Battlecry of Freedom explores the Tibetan Buddhist practice of training the mind as presented by Chekhawa Yeshé Dorje in the 12th century. His Seven Points of Mind Training offer a complete approach to daily practice in 59 slogans.

Ngakma Nor’dzin presents each of the slogans with a pithy explanation, as in slogan 12:

‘Drive all blames into one.’ When lying on the ground, looking up at the horse, the realised rider takes the blame for being thrown.

Then her commentaries vividly expand on the point of the slogan – bringing them to life through stories that use horse riding as an analogy for riding and training the mind. These clearly and delightfully illustrate how to stay in the saddle of Mind Training, in order to ride the joys and challenges of everyday life for the benefit of everyone and everything, everywhere. Slogan cards are available to accompany the book, providing a pragmatic method of Mind Training that is powerful, inspiring, and entirely relevant for a contemporary audience.

To accompany the book there is a set of Battlecry Slogan Cards available.


A battlecry is the shout of confidence and solidarity of warriors entering a combat. It is a vocalised assertion of the shared purpose of those involved in a campaign. The battle that is engaged by the heroes and heroines of Mind Training is to overcome the domination of personal identity. The campaign that is tirelessly embraced by the heroes and heroines of Mind Training is to fulfil the needs of everyone and everything, everywhere.
— Ngakma Nor’dzin



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