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an odd boy – Volume 3

an odd boy – Volume 3

by Doc Togden


Volume Three of an odd boy tells of the foundation course at Farnham Art School from ’70 to ’72. At Hatch Mill—the warren of wonders—the author steps out of time into a world of creative camaraderie where every meeting is a scene from a surrealist play. —72 marked the end of the —60s gestalt. Before the final curtain call however, a tumult of bizarre scenes tumble across the panchromatic stage: strange liaisons with transient heroes and heroines of the lost time; the Farnham Blues Festival; and, ‘the religion of Art’ entwined with burlesque love stories. He meets with Liverpool Poets – Adrian Henry and Roger McGough. Poetry and oil painting co-mingle with loves won and lost. He finds himself—for a bare month—as a rising star on the British Blues scene – but with the death of Jimi Hendrix, it’s the end of an era. He steps off the stage, takes to the road – and arrives, ironically, at the ever-familiar crossroads.

Praise for Volume one:

One spectacular sentence after another – a delight to read” — Deborah Magone

The taste of some exotic food on the tip of the tongue—unsure of what it is you like—but you must try more and more…” — Colin J. Tozer


In terms of my own painting – I simply allowed it to be a space that had no other meaning than what it was – in the moment.
— Doc Togden

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