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an odd boy – Volume 2

an odd boy – Volume 2

by Doc Togden


The peak of the British Blues Boom – and Savage Cabbage the band who could have rivalled Cream. At their height they were billed with Rory Gallagher’s Taste at ‘Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden’ where psychedelic lyrics and electric blues ignited the night. The arts became rampant street-culture – roaring like wildfire from ’68 to ’70: Doc’s exotic final school years. A tragic chaotic emotional hiatus thrusts him choicelessly on stage alone, as a weird solo-Bluesman with a maniacal talk-in. He meets John Martyn, Jo Ann Kelly, and Mike Cooper. Art School looms and Doc finds himself standing alone with his Blues harp and faux-resophonic guitar - waiting for Papa Legba at yet another crossroads …

Praise for Volume one:

One spectacular sentence after another – a delight to read” — Deborah Magone

The taste of some exotic food on the tip of the tongue—unsure of what it is you like—but you must try more and more…” — Colin J. Tozer


I had a system. It seemed that if I played a bass riff 100 times – I’d have it down reasonably well. If I played it 300 times – I’d have the thing easily. If I played it 500 times – I’d be able to play it without keeping my eye on the neck. If I played it 1,000 times I’d be branded with it like a steer. I loved musical instruments ’ I just had no natural facility or dexterity with them.
— Doc Togden

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Deeply touched by what you wrote
— John Martyn


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