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Falmouth 1

Falmouth 1

by Doc Togden

A view of Falmouth from the quay south of the Art School.

This image was pained by Doc Togden whilst on holiday in Cornwall in July 2010. He used mixed media &ndash coloured pencils and wash on A5 sheets of cartridge paper, which were then scanned and combined via PhotoShop and given a final treatment with PhotoShop art filters.

Doc Togden says:
Falmouth is where I would ideally have ended up — had I taken an MA at the Royal College of Art in London — and had there been no change in policy vis-à-vis employing students directly from college as lecturers. I would have liked to have been a Foundation Course lecturer at Falmouth

Doc Togden comments:
Painting or drawing—or otherwise making marks with anything, even with a computer—is a way of knowing something about a person, thing, or place. To depict a place is to translate the colours and shapes provided by reflected light. No one ever paints or draws exactly what is there. What is painted or drawn is a recognition of the momentary patterns that makes sense to the artist.

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